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Accredited electrical expertise,
wherever you need it.

We are NETA Accredited experts in high voltage testing, commissioning and electrical maintenance.

Safety is ingrained in everything we do. Our comprehensive safety program exceeds industry standards and we have received multiple safety awards. We are well represented on technical advisory boards, and often share our knowledge with our clients and the industry through presentations and seminars.

High Voltage

69kV to 500kV+

Medium Voltage

2.4kV to 35kV

Low Voltage

120V to 600V


  • Project Planning Support for Commissioning & Maintenance

  • Soil Resitivity Testing

  • Commissioning, Acceptance Testing, & Startup Service to NETA® Standards

  • Construction & Third Party Supervision

  • Power Cable Termination & Splicing

  • new Fiber Optic Cable Termination, Testing & Splicing

  • Power System Maintenance to NETA® Standards

  • new Generator Maintenance Services (EPSS)

  • Insulating Fluid Analysis

  • Infrared Inspection & Analysis

  • Maintenance Manual Development

  • Switchgear Modernization, Retrofit, Retrofill or Refurbishment

  • Relay, Metering & Motor Control Upgrades

  • new Switching Device Reconditioning & Remanufacturing

  • Power System Troubleshooting & Root Cause Analysis

  • Disaster Recovery& 24-Hour On Call Support

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