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Our Company

Magna IV Engineering is a power & automation solutions provider, founded in 1982.

We are specialists in Electrical Engineering, Automation Solutions, and Technical Field Services. Our focus and robust team composition enables us to deliver superior client experiences across a host of industry segments. Some of our clients have been seeking our expertise for as long as we've been in business.​​

We're Hiring​

Benefits We Offer

  • Competitive Salary

  • Group RRSP Program

  • Service Awards

  • Work-life Balance Flexibility

  • Comprehensive Benefit Coverage

  • Training & Professional Development

  • Mentorship

Our Commitment to Safety

​Magna IV Engineering is committed to safety, loss prevention, and environmental programs that protect personnel, property, the environment, and the public from safety and environmental incidents. Our employees at every level, including management, are responsible and held accountable for the company’s overall safety and environmental initiatives. Management actively supports coordination of safety and environmental protection among all our workers on job sites. All employees are required to participate in our safety program, with proper equipment, training, and procedures provided for every job task. Employees are responsible for following all procedures for working safely and wherever possible, improving safety and environmental protection measures. An injury and incident free workplace is our goal. We accomplish this through continuous effort and loss control.

0.0 Average lost time injuries (LTI), since 2011

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