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As a long-standing NETA (InterNational Electrical Testing Association) member and accredited company, Magna IV Engineering is committed to advancing industry standards for power system installation and maintenance to ensure the highest level of reliability and safety.


A NETA Accredited Company recognizes the Safety Program is paramount to making sure all other operational goals are met. Safety Compliant means to uphold the highest standards in the industry: standards put forth by OSHA, ASTM, NFPA, IEEE, The National Safety Council, CSA, NEMA, and others. With a dedication to Safety, each NETA Accredited Company implements procedures and continually reviews and updates the firm's safety program.


The InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA) was founded in 1972 to establish uniform testing procedures for electrical equipment and apparatus. Since then, NETA has served the electrical testing industry by offering accreditation of third-party electrical testing firms, and certifying electrical testing technicians. NETA produces standards for ANSI, the American National Standards Institute; however, their scope of standards activity is different from that of IEEE, NECA, NEMA and UL, since it takes national as well as international standards into account. NETA firmly endorses global standardization, and their standards may be used internationally with confidence.

NETA's published standards include 'Maintenance Testing Specifications' (MTS), and 'Acceptance Testing Specifications' (ATS) for electrical power equipment and systems as well as 'Electrical Commissioning' (ECS), and 'Electrical Testing Technician' (ETT) standards.


As a NETA Accredited company, Magna IV Engineering is an independent electrical power system testing service provider. We are divested of competing service or manufacturing interests. As third-party auditors, we provide unbiased electrical testing results while ensuring accurate testing and reporting; never influenced by conflicting factors involved with budgeting, installation, or product manufacturing.

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