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Magna IV Saskatoon Branch Powers Up with Expansive Move, Fueling Growth and Client Experience

In a dynamic display of growth and ambition, the Magna IV Saskatoon Branch proudly announced its strategic relocation to a larger facility earlier this year, underscoring its unwavering commitment to meeting the evolving needs of both existing and new clientele.

This significant move propels Magna IV into a new era, nearly doubling its real estate from the previous 5,500 square feet to an impressive 10,000 square feet. This expansion goes beyond physical dimensions, embodying an extension of Magna IV's core mission — to create a superior client experience. The new, larger building is more than just a space; it signifies an enhanced commitment to delivering excellence. The increased capacity of the new facility allows Magna IV to house more employees and provide expanded shop space, facilitating the management of multiple projects simultaneously. This, in turn, translates to reduced wait times for customers and an overall boost in operational efficiency. Notably, this move marks the fourth essential growth relocation for Magna IV in Saskatchewan since 2016, including a relocation necessitated by the amalgamation of BBS Canada in July of this year.

Magna IV's dedication to growth and diversification is a testament to its steadfast commitment to customers and the community. The expansion is not merely a numerical increase in size; it signifies an enriched scope of work, advanced skill sets, and a heightened impact on the community.

Magna IV Saskatoon Branch Manager, Adam Jaques, pictured below, shares his excitement and vision for the future, stating, "This exciting expansion marks a new chapter for Saskatchewan. As we settle into our new and larger building, embracing our increased capabilities, one thing is abundantly clear: we stand ready for growth and are thrilled to tackle new challenges."

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