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LNG Canada

Kitimat, BC, Canada

TFS, Automation, Engineering


LNG Canada

LNG Canada site construction activities, Kitimat, September 2023


The LNGC facility represents a pinnacle of innovation and excellence in LNG export. Key features include LNG processing units, storage tanks, a marine terminal, and a water treatment facility, all meticulously designed to ensure efficiency, sustainability, and safety.

Since 2019, Magna IV Engineering has played a vital role in the development and success of the LNGC site, where our expertise has been pivotal in various aspects of construction.

As a trusted partner in electrical engineering, automation solutions, and technical field services, we have remained dedicated to ensuring the efficient and safe construction of this groundbreaking LNG export facility.

We have proudly dedicated over 20,000 person-hours to testing on-site, highlighting our unwavering commitment to quality and safety.


Our journey at the LNGC site began with fundamental tasks, such as Construction Power testing on all temporary power PDCs (Power Distribution Centers) and Ground Grids. This essential step established a reliable power supply for the plant's construction, setting the stage for subsequent phases.

As the project advanced and E-houses were introduced, Magna IV Engineering's involvement deepened. Within each E-house, our team executed a series of critical tasks to optimize performance and ensure safety:

Protection Testing: We conducted rigorous testing and verification of protective systems to ensure the integrity and reliability of electrical infrastructure within each E-house.

HV Cable Termination and Testing: Our skilled technicians meticulously handled high-voltage cable terminations, followed by comprehensive testing procedures to certify their efficiency and durability.

Oil-Filled Transformer Dressing, Filling, and Testing: We ensured the proper functioning of oil-filled transformers through meticulous dressing, filling, and testing protocols, upholding performance standards and longevity.

Troubleshooting on Energizations: In dynamic construction environments, challenges are inevitable. Our experienced team provided prompt and effective troubleshooting during energization processes, minimizing downtime and ensuring seamless operations.

As the LNGC project progresses toward completion, our on-site presence remains steadfast. We continue to support milestones and work towards the successful commissioning of the plant.

Photo Credit: Media Kit | LNG Canada


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