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Sam Simkin

Sam Simkin

CFO, Maxima Power Group

Sam Simkin leads Magna’s global Finance team by overseeing the corporate financial strategy, managing the company’s overall financial activities, and supporting operational excellence by overseeing the company’s Project Management Support, Supply Chain, Accounting, and IT Teams.
Additionally, Sam maintains oversight of the company’s financial reporting, short and long-range business planning, treasury, and controllership responsibilities.

Sam is an operationally oriented CFO who has extensive experience in rapid growth environments, including PE and IPO. He enjoys tackling the challenges that normally accompany rapid expansion and has found ways to add value to customers (thereby increasing revenues), while simultaneously creating an environment that allows for scalability and increased profitability.
Strong analytical and financial modeling skills have enabled him to achieve significant improvements in financial performance.

Sam has decades of progressive international finance and accounting experience across diverse, business models, including, SaaS, retail, and light manufacturing.

He has an MBA, CGA, and Bachelor of Law degree. He is a member of the Manitoba and California bars, as well as the Chartered Professional Accountants Association of Manitoba.

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