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Harvey Mendoza

Harvey Mendoza

General Manager, Chile

Harvey directs the Chile team as General Manager and is responsible for all business activities. With over 6 years at Magna IV in his current role, Harvey imprints a strategic mindset for ongoing business growth through the customer obsessed team of Pros that he leads. Harvey leverages on his 20+ years of experience in a diverse set of functions, industries, and business models throughout North and South America where he worked for or advised Fortune 500 companies, in order to understand Magna IV’s opportunities to contribute to our clients’ success.
A believer that Power & Automation solutions are instrumental to our client’s business, Harvey is passionate about technology, the nuances of business practices in different countries and exploring opportunities to evolve our services for the benefit of our clients and professional growth of our own people. He is a BEng. Electronics U. Javeriana, Colombia with an MBA from York University, Schulich School of Business, Toronto and recently completed training at MIT on Digital Transformation.

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